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Machine Girl, The

Japan (2008), 96 minutes
Starring: Minase Yashiro, Asami, Kentaro Shimazu, Honoha, Taro Suwa
Reviewer: Jeremy Silman
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror
Rating: 4

This was the talk of the town when it first came out thanks to its trailers that showed an endless amount of spurting blood, ninjas, implied rape of a dead teenage girl, a machine gun arm (her own arm was cut off by evil Yakuza), a flying guillotine, horrible acting, and even a drill bra – you’ll never want to hug a woman again, since her bra might very well drill right through you!

The story is simple: girl’s brother is murdered by evil Yakuza, girl wants revenge, she begins rampage of death and kills who knows how many people in various ways (in one scene, her arm gets cooked and turned into tempura – that’s something you don’t see every day!), she gets captured, tortured, and her arm is cut off before escaping.

In real life, the girl’s tale would end there, but here the story is just beginning! She is found by a husband and wife that own a garage and work on cars. They stick a machine gun to her stump (I would do the same if I found a half dead girl who is missing an arm laying by my door, wouldn’t you?) and off she goes, killing everyone in her path.

In other words, a pure gore-fest that’s intended to keep you laughing and, at times, gagging throughout every second of the festivities. It stands tall when compared to the many other Japanese gore films that were made after it due to the imaginative characters, crazy weapons, and likability of the film’s star, Minase Yashiro.